7 Wine Styles That Complement Our New Spring Menu

Wine and food and designed to be enjoyed together. Here are seven styles of wine that are well suited to our newly updated spring menu, from light bodied pinot to fruit-complementing


Pinot Noir

Light bodied, yet savory and full of depth, reds like pinot noir pair best with earthy flavors. Consider pairing this wine with a dish that features mushrooms or truffles.

From our menu: Antipasti - Bellwether Farms Ricotta with trumpet mushroom, rosemary
and Noble bread.



Chardonnay’s which hail from Australia, Chile and our neighbor, California, compliment fatty fish, like salmon, or any seafood prepared in rich sauce.

From our menu: Secondi Piatti - Scottish salmon with farro risotto, baby carrots, cauliflower and ricotta.


Dry Rosé

Wine and cheese pairings are common, however, most pairings include red or white wines. Yet dry rosé pairs well with almost any rich and indulgent cheese dish, as it has the fruit characters of red wines and the acidity of white wines.

From our menu: Formaggio & Salumi - Mozzarella di bufala with charred radicchio, orange, fennel pollen and evo.  


Sauvignon Blanc

Best when paired with tart-tasting sauces or dressings, sauvignon for scallops and other tangy foods.

From our menu: Secondi piatti - Hokkaido scallops with rosso vin clams, crispy brussels, sunchoke, pancetta and trumpet mushroom.


Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet, Bordeaux as well as Bordeaux-style blends are delightful with chops and steaks. The tannins from these types of wines work to refresh the palate following each bite.

From our menu: Secondi Piatti - Rosewood skirt steak tagliata, with balsamic, rosemary
and roasted vegetables.


Pinot Grigio

When matched with white wines such as pinot grigio, light seafood dishes seem to take on more flavor than when not.

From our menu: Primi Piatti - Linguine clams with white wine, bottagra and Sicilian olive oil.



Moscato and fruit-centric desserts are a sweet match. Rather than emphasize the sugar in desserts, moscato wines emphasize the fruit.

From our menu: Desserts - Cocoa nib with brandied cherries and


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